Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Just Got Disneyfied

Ahh, it's about time I've finished this embarrassingly beyond belated sketch for my good friend Joe who asked for me to draw "us as Disney characters." (His exact words.)

At first, I wasn't sure which direction he wanted to me to take the "us" portion of the sketch ("us" as in just us two or "us" as in our circle of friends etc.) but once I finally settled on something, I needed to figure out how to tackle the Disney art style.

Let's just say it was even harder to figure out an approach to the sketch as well as mastering the style. Well, okay, more like trying to adapt to the style.

Hopefully I managed to pull it off in some way.

Yes, that is me on the left as sort of a sorceress/villain type and that's Joe on the right. He would SO be a Disney prince a'la Eric. He's got the pipes for it, that's for sure. ;-P

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Comicon Aftermath and Announcements Galore

Sorry for that lull of silence but I just wanted to take this time out to give a big sincere thank you to everyone who came down to the Vancouver Comicon this past Sunday. It was probably one of my more successful con ventures in that I not only sold quite a bit of stuff but I engaged in quite a bit of interesting conversation with congoers. I also did some of the most fantastically depraved sketches. If you must know, they were of the Joker (with robot nipples. Yeah, I heard "robot nipples" somewhere and the mental image just would NOT leave) and a dead raccoon fetus in a jar (I must blame my friend and table mate for that influence :-P). I also ended up winning not one but two of the door prize raffle draws. It felt like I rigged an election or something.

Overall, another great con experience under my belt.

As for the announcements, first off, I'll be taking a bit of a break from conventions for the next little while to focus more on improving my art but to begin work on a rather massive comic related project.

That's right. I'm working on a comic mini-series. I'll likely be going the self-publishing route via a print on demand site like Ka-Blam Comics or something but yes, I've been pretty busy fleshing out my characters and plot for this prospective series.

"What's it about?" you may ask. I think I can sum it up in one sentence: undead zombie rocker chicks.

Yup, I'm taking those "Bitches in Stitches" sketches I did last year and putting them into their own storyline.

Intrigued, no?

Stay tuned for some more info and possibly some more concept sketches. And more comic based work.

Thanks again for all your support.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vancouver Comicon: March Edition

Yup, that's right. I'm back again at the Vancouver Comicon this Sunday (March 20) at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia. I'll be there from 11 am 'til 5 pm selling all my prints, mini comics, original sketch cards (including my most recent sketch cards and the Coupla Couples set) and my portfolio for gazing and gandering as well as whipping up some new cards and sketches on site. If you spot my table (or a head of red and black tips), don't be afraid to stop by and say "hi". :-)

Admission to the show is $4 per person but if you're under 14 you can get in for free. You can also get in for free if you have a new or gently used school appropriate graphic novel to donate towards Vancouver schools. How's that not awesome?

For more information on the convention and all the creators and special guests involved (including Steve Rolston, of "Ghost Projekt", "Emiko Superstar" and more. Fun Fact: he was also my instructor in the radtacular Comic Book Production course I took at Van Arts) go check out the main website or just take a look at the banner just below this big block o' text.

Hope to see you guys there!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coupla Couples: All of 'Em

ATTENTION: Colossal art dump complete.

So here they are; all the couples I've drawn over the last while assembled into one picture (through the most ghetto-noobish fashion possible ;-P).

This was a fun little project to take on and looking at all of them now, I can't help but be reminded of the movie "Love, Actually". Hell, these characters could practically be part of an ensemble cast in such a movie.

From top left corner clockwise...

David and Jonah
Bruno, Mindy and Leo
Laurent and Shadow
Tracy and Wanda


ATTENTION: Colossal art dump still in progress.

Y'know how I've been trying to make an effort in trying to draw more dudes that look like dudes? Well, I decided to toss all that out the window and attempted to draw a lad in the spirit of all those androgynous, doll-like glam rock boys of the 70's and early 80's.

I couldn't help but OD on the music of David Bowie and T. Rex (especially "20th Century Boy") while working on this. I also had a lot of Kevyn Aucoin's makeup books (particularly his "New York Doll" and "Damsel Primitif" looks in his book "Face Forward") in mind.

I have the feeling that Andie has confused sexualities and broken the hearts of girls and guys everywhere he's gone.

The text around the border says "You can look at me, you can touch me, you can caress me all you like but I will break your heart."

Coupla Couples: Laurent and Shadow

WARNING: Colossal art dump in progress.

Finally, I have completed the last pairing of my Coupla Couples series of sketches!

Laurent and Shadow couldn't have come from more vastly different parts of the globe: he was born in Quebec while she was born in Morocco. Both moved to British Columbia at a young age and while they shared a lifelong passion for music, it wasn't until after college they had met each other through Vancouver's music scene. Laurent played guitar as part of a jazz/flamenco fusion band but for one particular track, they were seeking out a female vocalist. Enter Shadow and from then on sparks only flew higher and higher then BAM! It was love, plain and simple.

For the record (heh), that's his hat she's wearing. Bowties are never not awesome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wanna Get Derby With Me?

Oh man, that's probably one of the worst titles I've ever bestowed upon an image.

Anyways, this is evidence that I am, in fact, still alive and drawing. This time, I decided to try something a little different by experimenting with some grey tone-like effects (with a hint of inspiration from Ross Campbell). Did I pull it off? Is there anything that could be improved the next time I try to do some grey tone work? I'm very open to critiques.

Now that I think of it, my gallery's been going through a major pink/blush phase so far in 2011. Then again, haven't I always been in a pink phase?

PS, if I were a roller derby girl my stage name would be a toss-up between Ginger Slice or Jenna Cyde.