Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coupla Couples: Bruno, Mindy and Leo

Whoo! I'm on a roll tonight!

Well, technically I finished this last night but I didn't get a chance to scan it in until this evening.

Moving along on the whole Coupla Couples series of sorts, we have a different sort of relationship going on here. It's the reason why the "It's Complicated" status exists on Facebook.

Mindy and Leo (who you may recognize as the comic loving couple from "Love a'la Comic Mode") had a pretty good thing going on for a while. It wasn't until that fateful fall night when the two got into a heated, nasty argument at that gig of Leo's friend's brother's cousin's band. Before storming off from the show, Bruno (one of the "males" in "You've Got Male") noticed Mindy's distraught state and asked her what the matter was. What began as a mere venting session turned into a two hour conversation about comics, video games, bad exam experiences and other surprisingly common interests.

So you can only imagine the disbelief, anguish and jealousy Leo felt when he discovered that not only did his girl Mindy leave the club with Bruno that night but that they had started hanging out more often without Leo's knowledge. Sure they exchanged plenty of hugs and a kiss or three on the cheek but nothing had gone any further between Bruno and Mindy.

To sum things up, after meeting one another and still having strong feelings all around for Mindy, the three had agreed to one solution; an open relationship!

You got all that? Good!

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