Friday, April 23, 2010

Ultra-Sweet Tooth

Everybody loves cupcakes. You know you wanna eat this one right now and taste the biggest, crunchiest sprinkles you will ever devour!

Mmmyeah, I'm a sucker for taking cute, colorful pop-arty things and tossing in revolting subject matter. Yeehaw!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juno: The Girl, Not the Award

Another very recent drawing. I was just randomly hit with inspiration to draw Juno one night and just had to follow up on that intuition. The weirdest part of all that I was listening to the least "Juno"-esque music at that moment: Cruxshadows!

I think I should try to take on more famous people with distinct facial features/looks and adapt them into my own style just for the fun challenge of it all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coraliiiiiiine! Plus Some NEWS!

First off, I'm pretty sure you (one of the four people that check this blog on a regular basis) desperately want to know what the NEWS that I've emphasized on the blog title is...
And that news is...I have a Facebook group! Just thought I'd take another corner of the internet to help aid me on my way to WORLD DOMINATION![/of course!]

Check it out, join it, and spread the word!

Anyways, I was struck with the urge to draw Coraline (from the book and film of the same name) a few days ago. It was a good little practice for me to translate a character with a very distinct style into my own as well as coloring and playing around with thicker ink lines.

Random Sketches: 04/06/10

Some random sketches I did last week with a nice delicious white chocolate mocha on my side. It's a paper lantern shaped like an easter egg. They were hanging all around the coffee shop.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Daria: As Created By Tim Burton?

Just dipping into my backlog again. Here we have a drawing from last year that I'm still pretty happy with. It's the characters of "Daria" imagined by Tim Burton. Or at least how I think Tim Burton would see them.

This was super fun to draw and I just love how everyone turned out. Even Quinn somehow manages to translate well into the Burton style!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cheer Up, Pink Haired Guy

A few weeks back I was out with a friend for lunch at a place that served quite possibly the best mac 'n' cheese ever. At the table beside us, there was a guy with long bright pink hair and equally bright pink shoelaces. It was pretty radtacular and I knew I just had to draw him.

Any excuse to practice drawing guys (as well as hands, always my arch nemesis!) is a good one! I also tried something a little different with the eyes. I didn't include my usual "shine comets" (for lack of a better term) that I normally put in my characters' eyes. Blame "Sailor Moon" for that longstanding drawing habit. :-P

I hope that detail added a bit to this guy's masculinity in some way. I just wanna try and draw guys that actually look like guys and not just pretty boy bishonen.

Sketch of Sorts: Candy Colored Falls

I found this little sketch lying around on my insanely cluttered drawing table. I remember drawing and coloring this last summer while my trusty laptop was scanning for viruses. Pro-Tip: If some window claims that "YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OF TROJANS AND VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER!! DOWNLOAD OUR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE RIGHT NOW OR LOSE EVERYTHING FOR-EH-VAAAARRR!!!", don't download. It'll just scare you into thinking you have nasty viruses on your computer when, in reality, you don't. So close the hell out of whatever window you're browsing immediately.

Phew, sorry for the tangent but it seems like those virus "fauxgrams" are popping up everywhere these days and it's annoying the snot out of me.

Anyway, I'm thinking I might revive this sketch in some shape or form for a more fleshed out drawing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A God Damn Birthday Card!

Just a birthday card I made for my brother in Alabama earlier this week. You can see my new black hair tips! Whee!