Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eva, Eyes of Emerald

Emerging from The Backlog, we have "Eva, Eyes of Emerald." I've grown to really like this drawing over the last two years since I've drawn it. I often like to think of her as a good friend to Drea. I might draw a picture of them catching up over a cup of coffee some time...we'll see.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Geuse and Deetz

While posting my "Scott Pilgrim" drawings, I realized that I never got a chance to post this particular drawing I did for my friend Maro. He wanted to see me take on Beetlejuice and Lydia and I gave him "Geuse and Deetz".

This was another attempt at trying to merge characteristics and facial features from the movie and the cartoon into my own style. Gotta say, I'm still pretty happy with it especially when it comes to The Ghost Host With the Most.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sketchalicious: Scott Pilgrim Edition

Now here's something new I wanna try: Sketchalicious! It's where I take on a theme (or fandom, depending on how fannish I'm feeling) and do a bunch of sketches based around it.

After working away like a crazed slave for the last few months, I decided it was high time to draw something purely fun. What could be more fun than "Scott Pilgrim"? Fresh from a second reading of the entire comic series (seeing the movie fairly recently doesn't hurt one bit), I knew I wanted to tackle the characters in some shape or form.

Like my "Juno" inspired drawing, I tried to merge some of the facial features of the film actors with some elements of O'Malley's original characters and apply them all to my style. I must admit, most of these interpretations ended up being a little closer to the comics (mostly due to having the comics at my immediate reach) but the main goal was to capture the sheer essence of all the characters. Hopefully I succeeded in that respect.

I also included a few characters that didn't make it into the movie. They need more love. In case you're wondering where the League of Evil Exes are, I'm planning to give them their own Sketchalicious page.

Time for some quick 'n' dirty notes!

First Row, Left to Right
-Scott Pilgrim: I think I managed to capture a certain gawky, doofy nature in here. A bit closer to the books than Micheal Cera appearance-wise.
-Ramona Flowers: God, I hate it when my Copic markers explode on the paper. Old-ish Tria markers to the rescue! With that out of the way, it was a little tricky to decide which hairstyle to give Ramona. Longer turqoise (from the latter half of the series) won out.
-Wallace Wells: He's totally not wearing pants here. Sure, you can't see it but you can sense it.

Second Row, Left to Right
-Knives Chau: Aww, she turned out so adorable and perky! Gotta love the red highlights.
-Kim Pine: Probably one of my favorites here. Her hair ended up being more closer to orange than the red in the books but I think the expression is pretty accurate.
-Stephen Stills: If you couldn't tell already, I had to do a lot of "guess-work" with things like eye color. I think I managed to get Stephen's perenially tired, exhausted-from-playing-guitar-and-drowning-out-Julie's-bitchery look.

Third Row, Left to Right
-"Young" Niel Nordegraf: He looks so young. Probably the quickest and easiest one to draw out of everyone.
-Envy Adams: I prefered Envy as a redhead than as a blonde (I did take her movie earrings though). I'm really happy with how she turned out here, especially when it comes to her face.
-Julie Powers: Another one of my favorites to draw. The original sketch made her look a teeny bit too close to Envy for my liking (minus the "exotic billion dollar rock star look") so I changed her mouth a bit. Looks fine to me now.

Fourth Row, Left to Right
-Stacey Pilgrim: Scott's little sister! Well, at least I hope they look like they could be related.
-Lisa Miller: A character who didn't make it into the movie that I thought I'd give some time in the spotlight to. I kinda wish I had a much more "pale blonde" color to work with.
-Joseph: Like Lisa, he didn't appear in the movie but he amused me enough in the comics to get a spot here. This is where I had to do the most "guess-work" in terms of color. His beard just screamed Canadian lumberjack to me.

Yup, More Sketch Cards!

That's right folks! I've got even more sketch cards to share with you all. I know you're cheering in the back there. :-P

Without further ado, these are some ink sketch cards I completed at the Vancouver Comic Con a week ago.

I took a bit of a different approach with these cards. I did a lot of the pencil work on them a few days before the convention then I did all the inking work on site. It allows me to get these cards completed a lot quicker.

The card on the left came about when I was struck with the urge to listen to a lot of The Birthday Massacre as well as Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" album. She's so sullen and spooky, no?

The right card came from a failed attempt at drawing an 80's new wave chick with a Flock of Seagulls hairstyle. I decided to take her in a more punk direction while still maintaining that hairstyle feel.

Finally, this is "Fascinate Me". I figured after drawing and designing so many fascinators, I figured it was high time that I designed a mighty pimpin' one for myself.

I also felt an urge to create something colorful after doing so much black and white work.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vancouver Comic Con: The Aftermath

Whew! I've managed to get through a second comic convention in two weeks all in one piece!

Once again, I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who either took the time to check out my table, browse through my portfolio, pick up a business card/flyer (or both ), buy something from me and came on down to the convention in the first place. It's always greatly appreciated and like the last time, I'm truly grateful for the awesome experience...even if the wind from outside the building kind of made my tags and books tumble over every now and then.

I'll probably lie low for a little after this one and take some time to work on more of my webcomic "I Be Bitchin'" plus a few new projects I might have in mind. ;-)

Once again, as if I can't say it enough THANK YOU EVERYBODY.

Now, I feel the urge to just draw a lot of fun, fan artsy stuff.

PS, on a random note I totally stayed up 'til 1 AM watching a bunch of Disney movies last night. Mmm, chillaxation.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vancouver Comic Con Tomorrow!

Gadzooks! I'm at it again with the conventions. This time, it's Vancouver Comic Con!

The show's on this Sunday, September 12 (also known as tomorrow, le gasp!) at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia from 11 AM until 5 PM. Admission is $4 per person but if you're under 14, you get in free. Just putting that little piece of info out there just in case anyone has any young 'uns in tow.

Like Comix and Stories, I'll be at my table all day selling plenty of prints, copies of my book "The (E)Motions of Heartbreak", and original sketch cards. Plus, I'll have my portfolio for you all to flip through and to witness my work in the flesh. I'll also be sketching and inking some brand spanking new sketch cards on site. What will these cards be of? Well, you'll just have to come on down and find out. ;-)

Be sure to swing over and give me a shout and/or "hi".

For more information on the convention and all the creators and special guests attending (including Greg Rucka of "Detective Comics", "Queen and Country", "Action Comics", "Stumptown" etc.), go check out the convention website or, well, the snazzy flyer just above this text.

Can't wait to do this all over again and I hope to see you all there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sketcha! Sketcha! Sketcha!

Oh look guys! I've got a bunch of sketches I'd like to share with you all! I promise my works will return to glorious color soon, 'kay? ;-)

I thought I'd practice a little more on drawing guys since my artwork's so obviously swayed towards the fairest sex.

I would also really appreciate some good critique because I want to be able to draw a variety of different male types down the line.

The top left guy is probably my favorite of the bunch. He seems like such a cuddly teddy bear...well, one with tattoos anyway. Just like a Care Bear! :-P

Top right guy became sort of a suave metrosexual dude with the snazzy suit and distinct lack of stubble.

Bottom left reminds me of all the dudes I wanted to punch in the face. Arrogant, cocky, swamped in dreadful cologne, popped Lacoste (or any other beyond overpriced clothing brand that magically grants you a high social status) polo collar, spends more time in front of the mirror than their know the type.

Aww, bottom right needs a hug and a cheeseburger. I'm sure he'll find another nice girl who can geek out over Legend of Zelda with him in senior high school...or college.

Finally, I have a spur-of-the-moment sketch of the brilliant Bjork. Hope I got her likeness right. I hope to revisit her soon for a future drawing. We'll see. ;-D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sketch Cards From Comix and Stories

Just like I promised! Here's the sketch cards I drew and inked on site at Comix and Stories last weekend. I would have posted these earlier but to make a long story short, the all-in-one printer/scanner was being a fidgety snot this week.

Quick 'n' dirty notes time!

-Oooooh, spooky possessed lava lamp! I'm pretty happy with this one.

-I felt like playing with a much sketchier, thicker look in the lineart. One of the few times when having frayed tips at the end of your brushpen pays off.