Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Just Got Disneyfied

Ahh, it's about time I've finished this embarrassingly beyond belated sketch for my good friend Joe who asked for me to draw "us as Disney characters." (His exact words.)

At first, I wasn't sure which direction he wanted to me to take the "us" portion of the sketch ("us" as in just us two or "us" as in our circle of friends etc.) but once I finally settled on something, I needed to figure out how to tackle the Disney art style.

Let's just say it was even harder to figure out an approach to the sketch as well as mastering the style. Well, okay, more like trying to adapt to the style.

Hopefully I managed to pull it off in some way.

Yes, that is me on the left as sort of a sorceress/villain type and that's Joe on the right. He would SO be a Disney prince a'la Eric. He's got the pipes for it, that's for sure. ;-P

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