Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coupla Couples: Laurent and Shadow

WARNING: Colossal art dump in progress.

Finally, I have completed the last pairing of my Coupla Couples series of sketches!

Laurent and Shadow couldn't have come from more vastly different parts of the globe: he was born in Quebec while she was born in Morocco. Both moved to British Columbia at a young age and while they shared a lifelong passion for music, it wasn't until after college they had met each other through Vancouver's music scene. Laurent played guitar as part of a jazz/flamenco fusion band but for one particular track, they were seeking out a female vocalist. Enter Shadow and from then on sparks only flew higher and higher then BAM! It was love, plain and simple.

For the record (heh), that's his hat she's wearing. Bowties are never not awesome.

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