Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ahh, freshly posted artwork! Is there any better form of proof that you're still alive?

It's funny how a single image can go through so many different iterations in the creative process. I initially imagined her as sort of a "light" counterpart to my Cyber-Kei Cutie piece during the pencilling process, most of which I did during my Comic Critique stint at Word on the Street. (To make a long story short; let's just say it didn't quite go as planned but I still made the most of my time.)

As soon as I started coloring and fiddling around with the arms and the plushy (which went from a teddy bear to a cuddly little rat), the character went in another direction and she became Cecilia: friend and ally to all rats.

(Cue "Ben" here.)

You might just find out what's under her mask sooner than you think.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Most Embarrassingly Belated Journal Entry EVER


I knew I was getting bad with updating journals on here but I sure took it to a new extreme this time, didn't I?

I figured I'd post this entry just to let you know that no; I didn't die, get kidnapped, or join a travelling carnival on a completely spontaneous whim. I guess you could say that after doing three conventions all within virtually a month-long span wiped me out much more than I had anticipated. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED doing them all but man it's exhausting. Usually after I've done a con, I keep a considerable distance from my drawing table for a few days.

Somehow those few days transformed into weeks and as a result, it ended up becoming something of an unintentional hiatus. Again.

I feel kinda bad for letting myself drift away for this long but on the other hand, I suppose I needed the vacation. (Even though it wasn't in Disneyland or somewhere else equally fantastic.)

I do have a drawing or two on the pipeline (including one I worked on during my stint on Word on the Street) and Sketchavember is creeping up ever so closely. That was such a blast to do last year and you can bet your sweet tush that I'm gonna do it again this year. ;)

Speaking of events that are creeping up ever so closely, anybody excited for Halloween?