Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Loves Her Bubble Tea

Okay, show of hands, who here remembers my character of yore Baby?

Well, I was kinda hit with the urge to draw her again recently. If you came to the Vancouver Comicon a few weeks back, you might've seen me coloring away at something. This sketch card was that something.

You can definitely say I was inspired by old school lolita and street snapshots from those "Fruits" magazines from Japan. I even tried to channel the blase expressions from those old shots. Hope I hit the mark!

Royalty of Oooo

Incoming belated art dump!

Hey look! It's old fan art that's been sitting at my desk since this past summer begging to be uploaded!

Man, the "Adventure Time" ladies sure were fun to translate into my own style but I still wanted to stay true to their original designs by keeping it relatively simple and flatly colored.

Uberweekend! My Sister's Closet and Fan Expo Vancouver

Hoo boy, do I have quite the weekend lineup!

First off, if you happen to be in downtown Vancouver from 4:00 'til 8:00, head on down to My Sister's Closet where I'll be making my buttons on site as part of their Prevention of Violence Against Women Week events. It's a really great cause and it's absolutely worth checking out. For more information, check out this link.

Secondly, I'm coming back to Fan Expo Vancouver!

No, I won't be selling my art but I'll most definitely be roaming the convention crowds geeking out with the best of (some varying degree of) COSPLAY!! Here's what I'll be donning each day...

Friday: Nurse Lolita. (Not really a costume but just elaborately dressed. ;-))
Saturday: Rule 63!Ash Williams. ("The Evil Dead"/"Army of Darkness")
Sunday: Lumpy Space Princess. ("Adventure Time")

So if you spot me in the mass nerd frenzy, don't be afraid to say "hi" or give me a wave. Whatever works best. :-)

Of course, there will be photos of said outfits to be posted. You just gotta be patient is all. ;-)

No matter which event you make it to, I hope to see you there! :-D