Sunday, December 28, 2014

Puffy Pop (Plus Some Embarrassingly Belated Thank Yous)

First off, I feel so bad that I haven't had the chance to thank all those who came out to see me and Camille's table over at Akimatsuri so I'm doing it now! Thank you all so much for your support whether it was buying something, chatting, checking out my stuff or taking a business card. I appreciate it all so much and I'm already gearing up for the next convention in March. ;-)

Second, hope you all have had a very merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays. Also wanna take this time to wish you all a super duper happy new year! To say this was one of (if not) the biggest years of my life so far would be an understatement. I can't wait to see what 2015 holds! :-)

Now finally, onto the image itself! If your teeth aren't aching or rotting a little while looking at this, then I'll have failed miserably at my job. :-P