Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Little Alternaponies: Subcultures Are Magic

DISCLAIMER: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and its characters belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust. I'm just having fun and twisting them to my very whim.

And here we are at my most recent works! I was feeling an overwhelming urge to draw the Mane Six not only as humans but as if they were all heavily involved in some alternative subculture. In my mind, this is what they would totally be...

Pinkie Pie is a candy raver all the way! As you can see, she obviously put on a few pounds since the last time I drew her. Turns out I like the idea of a chunkier Pinkie Pie and drawing more than just one body type. Variety's a fun, fun thing. :-D

For Fluttershy, I imagine she'd be a bohemian hipster of sorts swearing by all things organic, free-range, fair-trade, environmentally friendly and vegan. In this instance, she's finally worked up the bravery to go to Coachella. She's just holding that joint for the guy in the beer garden, honest!

Rarity would so be a lolita. Class, beauty, elegance and extravagance for life! Oh, and those shoes totally are the Jeffery Campbell unicorn heels.

First, I imagined Twilight Sparkle having a bend towards the gothic side of things (hey, that interest in magic and spells had to manifest itself in some way. ;-)). Once I started work on her, I had to figure out what sort of goth she'd be. Too low maintenance and practical to be a cyber goth or Victorian goth but not quite glamour-obsessed to be a Romantic goth or Medieval goth. Then Wednesday Addams' iconic black dress and the geekier side of goth culture came to mind and I knew where I had to go from there. Friendship is Witchcraft, indeed!

How I could I resist giving Rainbow Dash a maginificent, bad-ass mohawk? Clearly, I had Wendy O. Williams on the brain as I was drawing her. Other than raver!Pinkie Pie, punk-as-fuck!Rainbow Dash probably took the longest to color. (So. Much. Plaid. And rainbows!)

At first glance, rockabilly might seem like an odd choice for Applejack because we've been so acclimatized to the sexy, glamorous pin-up girls that dominate the public conscience of the subculture. However, once you realize that rockabilly stems from "hillbilly rock", then it's not so weird to see Applejack in the high waisted shorts and bandana. Personally, I think she ended up looking a lot like Lurleen Lumpkin from "The Simpsons". :-P

This was such a ridiculously fun series to draw. So much fun that I already pencilled and inked one more addition to this series...and I'm plotting maybe at least two more. We'll see. ;-)

Which pony do you wanna see make it into this bizarre mini-series of sorts? Where would you sort them? I'm all ears. :-)

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