Friday, September 16, 2011

An Embarrassingly Belated Follow-Up on Vancouver Comicon

Yeah. If there was a title that stated the obvious, it would definitely be this one. I would have posted this earlier but random colds are a total snot to deal with.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I just want to thank everyone who came down to the Vancouver Comicon last Sunday...even during the crazy hot weather that fell on that day! Though strangely enough, the Hertiage Hall didn't feel as balmy as it did during Comix and Stories. Maybe it's because the artist/creator tables were placed under the ceiling fans.

Anyways, I also wanna extend a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my table that day. Whether you gave my work a glimpse, took a business card or flyer, chatted with me or bought something, every little bit is greatly appreciated and it makes my days at the cons all the more memorable. You people are awesome.

Speaking of awesome things; over the last few Vancouver Comicons I've been to, I've noticed a small rise in cosplayers. There was a movie-verse Wolverine, a girl in a Supergirl costume and a pair of steampunk girls (of all the days I choose to break out my badass goggles!). I totally approve of this trend. Keep 'em coming, Vancouver.

A shout out goes to Frank who asked me to draw a sketch in the vein of my "Do It Yourself, Dammit" piece. Luckily, I took a picture of it just before I gave it to him...but I still have to upload it onto my Photobucket.

Overall, another fun con experience. I still find it hard to believe I've done this many in such a relatively short frame of time (a year could be considered short, right?).

Two down, one more to go! And trust me, this one's gonna be a pretty freaking massive one...and different from anything I've done before!

You're intrigued, no? ;-)

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