Monday, November 29, 2010

SKETCHAVEMBER Day 29: Scurvy Bunny (plus Stitchy Bunny and Bunnies Spew Rainbows/Spewey Bunny)

Day 29 of Sketchavember has proven to be a day of sorts for resurrection. I'm returning to a series of images that kinda fell on the wayside this time last year: a bunch of "cute-but-not-necessarily-cuddly" bunnies!

"Scurvy Bunny" is the most recent addition to the bunch. Doesn't disease, mangy matted fur and rotting teeth fill you up with warm and ooey-gooey fuzzies? ARRR!

"Stitchy Bunny" was where I last left off...or at least the last one I was most happy with. There was one I completed last year but never posted since I was never completely satisfied with it. Expect that "missing bunny" to get a complete overhaul. Back to this bloody little bunny; what was intended to be a cyber-esque bunny ended up going in a guro-nurse/B-grade horror movie direction. For the record, the bunny is NOT beheaded.

Finally, here's the one that started it all in the first place: "Spewey Bunny" (or "Bunnies Spew Rainbows"). Many days and nights watching "Superjail!" are to blame for this cheerful abomination. ;-P

Expect at least three more bunnies to be added to the roster soon.

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