Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yup, More Sketch Cards!

That's right folks! I've got even more sketch cards to share with you all. I know you're cheering in the back there. :-P

Without further ado, these are some ink sketch cards I completed at the Vancouver Comic Con a week ago.

I took a bit of a different approach with these cards. I did a lot of the pencil work on them a few days before the convention then I did all the inking work on site. It allows me to get these cards completed a lot quicker.

The card on the left came about when I was struck with the urge to listen to a lot of The Birthday Massacre as well as Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" album. She's so sullen and spooky, no?

The right card came from a failed attempt at drawing an 80's new wave chick with a Flock of Seagulls hairstyle. I decided to take her in a more punk direction while still maintaining that hairstyle feel.

Finally, this is "Fascinate Me". I figured after drawing and designing so many fascinators, I figured it was high time that I designed a mighty pimpin' one for myself.

I also felt an urge to create something colorful after doing so much black and white work.

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