Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sketcha! Sketcha! Sketcha!

Oh look guys! I've got a bunch of sketches I'd like to share with you all! I promise my works will return to glorious color soon, 'kay? ;-)

I thought I'd practice a little more on drawing guys since my artwork's so obviously swayed towards the fairest sex.

I would also really appreciate some good critique because I want to be able to draw a variety of different male types down the line.

The top left guy is probably my favorite of the bunch. He seems like such a cuddly teddy bear...well, one with tattoos anyway. Just like a Care Bear! :-P

Top right guy became sort of a suave metrosexual dude with the snazzy suit and distinct lack of stubble.

Bottom left reminds me of all the dudes I wanted to punch in the face. Arrogant, cocky, swamped in dreadful cologne, popped Lacoste (or any other beyond overpriced clothing brand that magically grants you a high social status) polo collar, spends more time in front of the mirror than their know the type.

Aww, bottom right needs a hug and a cheeseburger. I'm sure he'll find another nice girl who can geek out over Legend of Zelda with him in senior high school...or college.

Finally, I have a spur-of-the-moment sketch of the brilliant Bjork. Hope I got her likeness right. I hope to revisit her soon for a future drawing. We'll see. ;-D

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