Monday, September 13, 2010

Vancouver Comic Con: The Aftermath

Whew! I've managed to get through a second comic convention in two weeks all in one piece!

Once again, I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who either took the time to check out my table, browse through my portfolio, pick up a business card/flyer (or both ), buy something from me and came on down to the convention in the first place. It's always greatly appreciated and like the last time, I'm truly grateful for the awesome experience...even if the wind from outside the building kind of made my tags and books tumble over every now and then.

I'll probably lie low for a little after this one and take some time to work on more of my webcomic "I Be Bitchin'" plus a few new projects I might have in mind. ;-)

Once again, as if I can't say it enough THANK YOU EVERYBODY.

Now, I feel the urge to just draw a lot of fun, fan artsy stuff.

PS, on a random note I totally stayed up 'til 1 AM watching a bunch of Disney movies last night. Mmm, chillaxation.

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