Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Incoming Art Dump! Yet Another Teenage Witch on the Internet and Animu Abomination


Anyways, the drawing above you is a self the style of all the anime cliches I utterly despise. XD

Torpedo tits? Check. Robot baby face? Check. Cat ears, tail and wings for no real discernible reason? Check. Vacant soulless eyes? Check. Gratuitous panty shot? Check. Impossibly long legs? Check. Body type rarely seen outside of a horny teenage boy's sketch book? Check. 

Weep and tremble upon this totally kawaii abomination that crept from the bowels of Weeaboo Hell! :')

With that monstrosity out of the way, here's my take on one of my favourite comics growing up. Anyways, I totally see a modern day Sabrina Spellman being one of those nu-goth types that have a massive following on Tumblr and Instagram. Oh? And that magic floating stuff in the background? Totally #nofilter!

Oh god, was that an unironic use of the hashtag? gasp emoticon

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