Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Um, sorry about that (very) unintentional hiatus, you guys.

It's funny how weddings can pretty much transport you to a whole other planet just by being involved with one. This is especially evident when you're a bridesmaid...and your sister is the bride. Everyone eats, sleeps, breathes and bleeds nuptials and eventually it catches up with you. By the time the big day finally rolls around, you just can't help but feel the excitement, joy, giddiness and happiness of such an event. All the stress and anxiety pays off in the best way possible culminating in one of the most fantastic and memorable experiences you'll ever be involved with.

But even with such a wonderful occasion, the inevitable post-wedding hangover occurs. (For the record; tequila in any form, even just a single shot; never, never, never, NEVER AGAIN!) Let's face it, weddings are exhausting and can wipe out even the most busy of bodies. Which is to say my drawing table and materials gathered a little bit of dust in that time.

However, I haven't been totally neglectful of my art. Up until the week of the wedding I had been working on a few character designs and concept sketches for an upcoming one-shot mini comic I hope to have completed by the end of September (or late fall at the, well, latest). I might share a few of them with you if you ask politely enough. ;-)

Now that I have emerged from my post-wedding hangover, I'm ready to hit the drawing table once again so prepare to see a lot of new stuff as well as some more convention news.

"Convention news?!" I hear you muttering (or not, I don't have ultra-doggy hearing senses). That will have to wait for another journal.

Ooh, I'm such a tease. ;-P

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