Friday, June 17, 2011

Wounded Though Winsome: Threadless Version

EDIT: Uploaded a much better scan.

What the hell?! A new image?!

I am planning on hand sewing a border but I thought I'd upload a threadless version before I tackle this drawing with a needle and thread. I guess you could say that this is technically a work in progress but the way I see it, this is an "alternate" version of the same piece.

As for the influences, well, all those hours playing "Bioshock" and reading countless lolita fashion blogs all had to culminate into something eventually.

She may look a lot like a Little Sister but trust me, she's not. She'd look much grungier if she were.

Out of all the substyles of lolita, guro (gory/grotesque) lolita is one of my absolute favorites. While I was highly tempted to put a tiny dab of blood somewhere, I decided to hold back on the gore and just focus on the fragile "broken dolly" aspect of guro lolita. Going soft but delicate was nice change of pace for me.

Be on the lookout for the "stitched up" version soon.

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