Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Lolita Collection Redux!

They're baaaaaack!

That's right! It's been years since I first drew the Christmas Lolita collection and well, let's just say I've been chomping at the bit to revamp these designs. Not only has my art changed drastically since then (in terms of color, anatomy, facial features etc.) but my knowledge and experience with lolita fashion in general has been expanded greatly. To say that the old dress designs are "lolita inspired" would be generous. :-P

The cards are available at My Sister's Closet in Vancouver, British Columbia for $5.00 each. Proceeds of each card sold go towards the Battered Women's Support Services. Gorgeous cards (if I may say so myself) for a great cause!

Reindeer Lolita: If there's anything that I've picked up from working on these cards, it's getting creative with mixing Copic marker colors and making new ones. It's pretty apparent in that deep red on the ruffle trim of the dress. But yeah, her hair and antlers are adorable. ^_^

Christmas Tree Lolita: Remember what I said about creating different shades of color by mixing Copic markers? It was most apparent in this card when I had to create a shade of green that I didn't have the Copic marker color equivalent of to the...Crayola marker. (Oh, those old days of yore. :-P) Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how the coloring on the Christmas Tree Lolita turned out. Fact: this card sent me out on a goose chase searching for a sparkly blue gel pen. Yeah, I still love gel pens. Deal with it. XD

Angel Lolita: When I first did these Christmas cards six years ago, I sold them at craft fairs. One of the things that stood out most to me during these craft fairs was a woman asking me if I did any cards of dark skinned girls. Sadly, I did not. That was then, this is now. One of things I wanted to focus on during my "quest for improvement" was diversifying my characters not only in terms of avoiding "Same Face Same Body Syndrome" but in adding more variety to my skin tones. It's surprisingly hard to find coloring tutorials specializing in darker skin tones (at least on DeviantART) but I've been able to apply a few techniques from other coloring tutorials to create different skin tones for various ethnicities. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how the Angel Lolita turned out. Her hair though, oh man, that hair...it must've taken me 45 minutes or so just to color it because I'm insane like that. :-P

Santa Lolita: Here's the final card of the series! (For now, at least. I went crazy and did like 10 different designs, both old and new. I could only do so much before my deadline would creep up.) If there's one thing I wish I could fix about this card, it would be that first layer of color for the skin. I really should've refilled the ink on that E000 Copic marker. >_< But it's not too bad. There's still a lot to love about the Santa Lolita and this card in general. :-)

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