Sunday, June 17, 2012

Important Update: Embarking Onwards to Emily Carr!

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't uploaded a whole lot of artwork on here for the last month or so but I figured now would be a good time to let you all in on a pretty major decision I've made.

Those of you who know me in the meaty flesh 'n' blood world outside of the Interwebs will probably know what I'm gonna be talking about but for those of you who don't, here it goes...

I'm going to be taking this next year or so off from doing conventions and festivals and going back to school (the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, to be exact) with a major focus on developing my drawing skills. Yup, I'll be able to call myself a moody, neurotic art student without any hesitation! ;P

I came to this decision one night a month or so ago when I was running into some real problems drawing hands and promptly found myself frantically searching for drawing classes. That was when I figured "You know what? I'm so sick of running into these problems all the time! I don't wanna be held prisoner by my own inability to draw hands...and perspective...and buildings..."

Well, you get the picture.

The other major motivator was being surrounded and inspired by so many talented, dedicated artists and creators (whether they're online, out-of-town at a convention or part of the local comics and animation scene). Being exposed to their awe-inspiring works makes me look at my own work and think "I really oughtta step it up and take my work to the next level."

There was also a huge element of stagnation that was beginning to loom over my works. I spent about a year or so constantly drawing and creating but the intention a large percent of the time was to create product to sell at various cons. Very little time was spent honing my craft because I was just so busy and fiercely focused on making marketable art. 

That and there's another past time I love dearly that's woefully fallen to the way side as a result of all this: writing. 

Sure, I wrote stories but all of those were scripts for my mini comics. It's been way too damn long since I wrote any columns or pieces meant to be read by other people, not just for my own personal reference. Hopefully, along with the schooling, this sabbatical will help me reignite my passion for writing.

With all of that said, don't think I'm ditching this site or the art community for good. Just be prepared to see a gradual shift in my art, a few experiments and for me to be a lot pickier about what gets uploaded on here. ;)

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