Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SKETCHAVEMBER 2011 Day 15: There's a Pinkie in My Pie

WHEE! Day 15! I'm halfway through Sketchavember!

You guys have NO IDEA how long I've been suppressing the urge to draw this.

Well okay, it all happened when I was coloring that human!Rainbow Dash (#4567 on the Internet) and suddenly I was stricken with the intense urge to draw human!Pinkie Pie as an uber-accessorized, pastel and pastry print drenched, over-the-top Sweet Lolita.

"Noooo," I protested to myself. "The Internet's already clogged with fan art of humanized ponies." Well, sometimes you just gotta go with what's good ol' fashioned fun and get that goofy imagery out of your brain and onto paper.

I'll admit, this really was crazy fun to draw and color...even if one of my primary pink markers was about to dry up at any given moment.

From now on, I better not get any more urges to draw human!ponies!

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