Friday, October 28, 2011

The Most Embarrassingly Belated Journal Entry EVER


I knew I was getting bad with updating journals on here but I sure took it to a new extreme this time, didn't I?

I figured I'd post this entry just to let you know that no; I didn't die, get kidnapped, or join a travelling carnival on a completely spontaneous whim. I guess you could say that after doing three conventions all within virtually a month-long span wiped me out much more than I had anticipated. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED doing them all but man it's exhausting. Usually after I've done a con, I keep a considerable distance from my drawing table for a few days.

Somehow those few days transformed into weeks and as a result, it ended up becoming something of an unintentional hiatus. Again.

I feel kinda bad for letting myself drift away for this long but on the other hand, I suppose I needed the vacation. (Even though it wasn't in Disneyland or somewhere else equally fantastic.)

I do have a drawing or two on the pipeline (including one I worked on during my stint on Word on the Street) and Sketchavember is creeping up ever so closely. That was such a blast to do last year and you can bet your sweet tush that I'm gonna do it again this year. ;)

Speaking of events that are creeping up ever so closely, anybody excited for Halloween?

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