Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vancouver Comicon Aftermath Plus Other Goodies

Well, another convention has come and gone and I just want to take this time out to give a HUGE thank you everyone who came on down to the con this past Sunday. Whether you bought something, browsed through my portfolio or even just gave my table a glance I truly appreciate every bit of support I'm able to get. You guys are awesome.

If there's one thing I've learned from my most recent con ventures, it's that the Trolololo song is my lucky charm. No really, I started off my days listening to that song just as I was getting ready to head out in hopes of a little extra spring in my step. I got more than an extra spring. I ended up winning one of the raffle prizes and got the most devastatingly beautiful Trollface sketch from my tablemate Enerjak (I'm already concocting a follow-up. Oh, just you wait.).

Now, it's back to work on more art, comics and fuelling my "Bioshock" addiction.

Oh crap. You weren't supposed to know that.

Yes, I'm aware of how gratuitous this is...but I can't help it!

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